Monday, January 13, 2014

Dark Souls 2 Will Be Harder Than the Beta

If you thought the closed Beta for Dark Souls II was too easy, you're in for a treat. The actually game will be harder. According to Darks Souls II producer, Takeshi Miyazoe, in a recent article from Edge Magazine, player data from the beta proved the game's initial set-up was not challenging enough. The final product's difficulty will thus be increased. But how much harder will they make it? This is something that From is still debating, but the generally sense is that the final game's difficulty will be closer to the "Hard Difficulty" mode initialized towards the end of the second NA beta test.

I for one am excited by this news. I played both sessions of the NA beta, and I definitely thought the Hard mode made the game more thrilling.

What do you think? Should From make the beta harder or was it hard enough before the difficulty was raised?


  1. The hard mode was stupid in my opinion. Every enemy could pretty much one shot me when they turned it on, i really hope they find a comfortable middle ground between run through easy, and contra mode.

    1. You're a fucking pussy casul. Hard mode ftw. That's how it should be!

    2. Having every enemy one shot you is just stupid. If that is the case, what's the difference between huge bosses and just common hollows? I hope they find the comfortable middle ground.

    3. No, it's gonna be even more intense! Nothing too insane, but definitely a grade above Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. It'll make summoning crucial, harvesting human effigies desirable, and actually give the resistance stat the tender loving care it deserved in Dark Souls.

  2. But they didn't "one shot" you. In the beta, characters started at SL 30 or so. In the original Dark Souls, most players reached SL 30 by the time they reached the armored boar after the bridge with the hellkite dragon.
    Going off the very likely idea that the sections in the beta were the difficulty equivalent of the church below the gargoyles in Dark Souls, it is fitting.
    The church represents the first big hurdle in the first game you must overcome in order to really start specializing your character and gaining some kind of strategic advantage against the game.

    Also when you consider the idea that the sections in the beta were the second or third sections that they intent for players to visit in DS2, you'll have better equipment than the truly barebones class equipment they started you off with. Difficulty won't be a problem.

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